SnowRunner: New missions

SnowRunner: New missions

Lets gather here info about new mission/cargo types. Since official description we wont get this year i believe…

I propose to put here only confirmed, seen, or witnessed info. Suggestions to be discussed in other topics.


  1. LOGS: I hope it will stay))
  2. Wooden “CARGOCRATES”, middle and big size.
  3. Tubes: one huge long (screen with new 8×8), many big long (see above, with yellow Fred), many small short on pallete (orange oshkosh)
  4. Concrete plates (for bridge repair, screen with 6×6 on snow mountain)
  5. People (?) Screen with red bus(?)
  6. Barrels in palletes “CARGOBARRELS” (blue barrels on earlier pic with 8×8 )

(mission can include several steps/cargo types, as we saw on earlier pic with 8×8. Like:
“Place cargo in zone: Farm
Cargobarrels: 0/2
Cargocrates: 0/2”
Trucks have cargo capacity, shown in left upper corner)

  1. load and delivers logs
  2. load and deliver crates/barrels
  3. deliver tubes (with loading?)
    (Im ok even to unload huge tubes and big crates)
  4. NOT confirmed: deliver personnel, to start operations on some facilities (garages and limber mill, kiosks too, why not). And to expand operations of already working facilities(?)
  5. repair the bridges, by delivering concrete plates.
    Maybe other sub-missions: personel, other goods/equpment required?

As for establishing garages and vehicles repairs – i hope current procedures will be deeply and hardcore modified, we wait for news…

Credits: Stazco
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