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JuanMods v1.0

Azov 5319
• All heavy tyres.
• Fuel capacity increased to 250ltrs because 200ltrs was taking the piss a little.
• Light crane and bed adjustment to allow trailers, though can be a little buggy occasionally. I wonder if this is why it has the really odd offset as standard to stop this? Bear in mind the beds are in exactly the same position they are in when the crane isn’t there now…

Azov 64131
• Active suspension lowers it to be marginally less tippy, and when engaged raises it slightly higher than stock.
• All heavy tyres.

Azov 73210
• Active suspension to stop chin scraping when off roading.
• All heavy tyres available.

Chevrolet Apache
• Modern US scout engines. Because it couldn’t pull the skin from a rice pudding as stock.
• Ability to tow Scout trailers. It bloody should have been there in the first place on paid DLC.
• YAR 87 tyres.

Chevrolet CK1500
• Tuned custom suspension.
• YAR 87 Tyres.

Cheverolet Kodiak C70
• Tuned custom (monster) suspension. It’s tippy as hell, but there has to be a downside to this much silliness.
• 71” CAT 745C tyres for monster mode.
• Big engine option, because monster truck.

DAN 96320
• Tuned suspension for heavier loads (I use this as a crane truck).
• All heavy tyres.

Ford CLT9000
• Tuned suspension for heavier loads (I use this as a fuel truck).
• Always on diff lock and selectable AWD. To give this highway truck some chance of being usable.

Ford F750
• Active suspension.
• Actaeon tyres.

Freightliner 114SD
• Active suspension that goes between stock and raised.
• Can fit larger wheels on stock and active suspension.

Freightliner M916A1
• Active suspension because he’s a tippy boy but you need the height occasionally.
• Tayga tyres.

GMC MH9500
• Active suspension continuing the theme of this truck being a jack of all trades and master of none.

Hummer H2
• More tyre choice.

International Paystar 5070
• Active suspension.
• Tayga tyres.

International Scout 800
• YAR 87 tyres.

International Transter 4070A
• Active suspension giving a slightly more realistic ride height as lowered and the in-game standard height as raised.

Khan 39 Marshall
• Lifted suspension makes it an Arctic Trucks style vehicle that now works surprisingly well in Imandra.
• Bigger tyres.
• 60ltr fuel tank to semi-un-nerf it.

Pacific P12
• Added super heavy and P16 wheels.

Royal BM17
• Active suspension tuned for heavier loads (I use this as a crane truck).
• More tyre options.

TUZ 166
• Modern RUS scout engines. I recommend the Azov AM-4v 146 engine rather than the 160 as it has about the perfect amount of power.
• YAR 87 tyres.

TUZ 420 Tatarin
• Ability to tow trailers. It always annoyed me that I had to winch trailers around for no good reason given it has a tow hitch.
• ‘Studded’ tyres (based on chained, doesn’t show the chains visibly) tyres added because of the ice hills in Imandra.

Western Star 4964
• Active suspension.
• Tayga tyres.

Western Star 6900 TwinSteer
• Ability to tow trailers.
• Slightly increased fuel capacity.
• AWS (I’m fairly certain I pinched this from basher1991’s mod, go grab that if you want an a little more extreme version of the truck).
• Loads more tyres.

Zikz 5368
• Active suspension.
• Actaeon tyres.
• Small fuel tank, maintainer (will co-exist with metal detector) and single slot sideboard bed (will co-exist with metal detector and crane).

Fuel Tank
• Increased to 2500ltrs because you never take it out instead of a large maintenance rig when it has more fuel and repair points on top of that.

* This is a manual installation compatible with v7,8&9 releases of SnowRunner *
Make a backup of SnowRunner//en_us/preload/paks/client/initial.pak

To update the stock trucks:
Open SnowRunner//en_us/preload/paks/client/initial.pak in WinRAR
Copy the contents of stock/trucks folder from this archive into [media]/classes/trucks
Copy the contents of the stock/suspensions folder into [media]/classes/suspensions
Copy the contents of the stock/wheels folder into [media]/classes/wheels
Close WinRAR

To update the Ford F-750:
Open SnowRunner//en_us/preload/paks/client/initial.pak in WinRAR
Copy the contents of the dlc_1_1/trucks folder from this archive into [media]/_dlc/dlc_1_1/classes/trucks
Copy the contents of the dlc_1_1/suspensions folder from this archive into [media]]/_dlc/dlc_1_1/classes/suspensions
Close WinRAR

To update the Apache:
Open SnowRunner//en_us/preload/paks/client/initial.pak in WinRAR
Copy the contents of the dlc_1_2/trucks folder from this archive into [media]/_dlc/dlc_1_2/classes/trucks
Close WinRAR

Credits: JuanSmeeth
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