Roll Coal, Larger Carbon Footprint 1.2

Roll Coal, Larger Carbon Footprint 1.2


Mod Includes only the following: Increased amount of exhaust, increased time exhaust lingers

This wasn’t made to be realistic(bad pollution) but more to just give more ambient effects for fun basically.

Some vehicles smoke more then others and on engine start up could be very sooty and shifting gears on some are very dirty.

Shifting gears usually makes a nice puff of smoke from most trucks this depends on the values per truck. This mod only increases exhaust as a whole NOT PER TRUCK.

Step 1: Download particles folder unzip to desired location. Make sure to unzip folder as a whole. End result should just be one folder labeled “particles”

Step 2: Go to your SnowRunner client Folder (X:Epic GamesSnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient)

Step 3: Open the initial.pak……..WinRAR is needed to open the initial file…MAKE A BACKUP OF “INITIAL” BEFORE OPENING IN WINRAR

Step 4: Once initial is opened in WinRAR navigate into “[media]” then into “classes”

Step 5: Locate the modded folder (particles) you downloaded and unzipped in step 1 Simply drag and drop “particles” into the “classes” folder opened in WinRAR….a prompt will come up once you drop it into WinRAR just click OK

Step 6: Close out of WinRAR and load the game.

Step 7: Bare with me this my first ever posted “mod”. Working on suspension, steering, and engine value tunes for individual trucks next

If there is an issue please put a nice comment and I will fix it.
Thank you for using this mod hopefully the added pollution enhances your game play.

Credits: outlawrock556
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