C.C.M. Stadium 9310 V2.0.2

C.C.M. Stadium 9310 V2.0.2

C.C.M is very proud to present the C.C.M. 9310 Stadium truck. co-core motor company had a hit with the 9300 back in 53 so it only seemed natural that in 2020 the stadium truck they sponsor should wear it as a shell, The 9310 is a no frills race truck meant for stadium racing and dune riding. but can also be used for some very fast and umm “interesting” scouting. so here it is in all its glory, go ahead race it, jump it, see what it can do with the full cage off the frame the most you can do is smash the body in, so go ahead, beat the S**T out of it.

watch out for high gear with both gearboxes, it does wheelie, it does kick out sideways, and it does go kind of fast(fast for snowrunner).engine number 1(the one it spawns with) was meant for the asphalt track of the stadium map but is a lot of fun just about anywhere, how it spawns is setup for racing.(although i prefer the all terrain tires over the custom ones on the pavement) suspensions pretty much only vary in height for the most part, high is for the bigger tires if using it offroad. ultimate is great for the track and off road in general with the smaller tires. i really only gave the high suspension and bigger tires to those who might use them. i dont like them, i use the small tires and the ultimate. engine number 2 is tuned for wide open outdoor tracks if you arent moving it will dig holes at full throttle in the dirt. and finally engine number 3. well engine number 3 is just way to big to really do anything with other than maybe a long jump, i cant stress this enough don’t use the biggest engine for anything other than big long outdoor tracks. its there just for fun just to see how fast it can go.

the interior is basic, no gauges no mirrors metal seats and a cage. there are no addons with extra fuel or parts. the 16 gallons you get, is what you get. it doesn’t pull trailers, its a race truck. think of it as a child ricky bobby “it wants to go fast”

starting point for the Body is from Hum3d, cage ,frame, shocks ,motor, and traction beam setup is me, rotors are a freebee off the interwebs same with the steering rack and tierod ends(i think they were actually 3dprint models)

thank you to everybody that has helped along the way in(without you all, i would have nothing, you all should know who you are and how appreciative i am) the list continues to grow, constructive criticism and personal opinions are always accepted and mulled over as long as its not just “this thing sucks…..waaaah” so feel free to leave them here or find me on discord in the extended family section of the ix server in fredswaynes-world

thanks for checking it out. i hope you enjoy it like i do.

is it coming to console? idk its not up to me remember. its up to the game devs. the paks are there, theres no real world references it has no original badges and i replaced the branding with badges of my own. so it can as far as i know. unless it looks to close to the real world counter part. although i did stretch the body and added an extra bar in the windshield so maybe its good enough. and if it does than so be it.(i addressed this in the description, so dont get butthurt if i toss a little sarcasm your way when you ask me this in the comments)

things still to come?
1. idk yet. maybe more tires. maybe some custom bumpers…. hell idk. could be anything really

all pics so far other than the two at smithville damn have been taken on the cards stadium super trucks and track day. both seem to fit the intended purpose of this truck perfectly

as with all my mods do not under any circumstances take and re-pload anything ive created as your own. if you would like to use something ive personally modeled than ask me and see if i say no its that easy(i usually dont if its something ive made myself) anyways i think thats everything

Credits: Fredswayne
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