C.C.M. DUKW “Howard” v2.0

C.C.M. DUKW “Howard” v2.0

C.C.M. is Very proud to present “Howard” The DUK(W). Howard was a long and difficult restoration done at the C.C.M. Shop around 2009 or so. The build was kept simple and basic, the only upgrade would be a more relevant and easier to obtain parts for engine. Howard was in service after birth and then had a long term employment giving tours all around the many different lakes of the United States where such tours take place. Until one fateful day, Howard Sunk, and when he did so did his career and he was abandoned at the bottom of a lake for 3 years, until the current owner retrieved him from the bottom and then sent him to C.C.M. for restoration.

Now you cant just hop in a DUK without some training, so here’s your training, Be mindful of currents and which direction they are heading, especially when crossing rivers where there are obstructions downstream. try not to head straight in to strong currrents, mild currents are ok but really strong ones will push you backwards. Be aware of the body of water you are in. is there a way out? its good to know this before dropping into it. use low gears in the water, low and low minus seem to move it the best, anything above those slows it down and that’s about it for your training. you are now the proud owner of a DUK boat.

Model sourced from sharecg. original artist=”dryjack” the only changes are the textures that it wheres.

Huge thank you to everybody that helps me with this stuff and encourages me to keep going and improving. you’re all great in all of your own individual ways. also shout out to everyone that frequents my room in the server even though I’m a recluse and barely leave it ever.I swear without ya’ll id have almost no social interaction with people. so thank ya’s for having interest in seeing what I’m up to at random.(it also forces me to take a break sometimes, and i need that)

Things still to come?

1. IDK? (honestly it wasn’t the easiest thing to do making this thing act like i wanted it to and that’s almost a big enough victory for me at the moment)

Known Bugs.

1. driveshafts not hooked properly. (i am aware, and i think we’re just gonna let slide on this one, the floating was good enough for me to not want to fight with driveshafts on it, is what it is i suppose)

2. tire deformations, sometimes the tires get stuck deformed and im not sure why, trying to find a cure for it, but not coming up with an answer, so any ideas?feel free to drop them in comments

Will This Come To Console? honestly? hell if I know Anymore whats gonna make the cut and what isn’t. just cross your fingers for it, if that’s what your hoping for and wait patiently, its what i gotta do with everything I release so believe me when i say “I know the feeling”

As with all of my mods, please don’t under any circumstances take and upload anything I’ve built as your own, (private is one thing, I dont see it, therefore i never know) If you’re interested in using any assets I’ve personally created I.E. tires, rollbars, bumpers…etc. than just ask me worse i can say is no, right?

anyways thank you for checking this thing out, i hope you enjoy it as much as i have in creating it.

Credits: Fredswayne
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