IS-2 Tank by M181 and Poghrim v1.0.0

IS-2 Tank by M181 and Poghrim v1.0.0

This model was graciously provided to me by Poghrim. He textured and rigged it, and then let me make it into a drivable truck. Please go check out his mods, and show him some support & gratitude!

“The IS-2 (Russian: ИС-2, sometimes romanized as JS-2) is a Soviet heavy tank, the first of the IS tank series. It was developed and saw combat during World War II, and saw service in other Soviet allied countries after the war.”

There’s not a whole lot to say here other than this is a wheeled tank for use in SnowRunner! Poghrim and I collaborated on this one, to make it one of the most unique vehicle mods for the game. As tracks are not really feasible, Poghrim came up with the excellent suspension solution you see here, allowing the tank to have multiple wheels to drive through (and over) almost any terrain. The top “cog” wheels can be powered by engaging AWD.

This vehicle uses a modified Tatarin sound set, with a little easter egg for your amusement. The drivetrain has been tuned specially for this application. It comes default with an active suspension in case it gets hung up on any objects or terrain. There are a few customization options for you to choose. It also has the ability to tow both Scout and Medium trialers.

Enjoy! If you have any comments or concerns, please let me know. If it’s something that needs to be adjusted, I will group things together and release a patch. Your feedback steers what I do. If you like the truck, leave a thumbs up and a review, if you don’t like the truck, tell me why and I’ll look into it. I am currently not taking any requests.

The truck does bug out a little bit upon initial spawn in the garage. But it acts normal after you click “Customize”, and every time in the garage after that.

Credits: maxmike181
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