Siraij’s Better Tire Pressure 1.0.0

Siraij’s Better Tire Pressure 1.0.0

Disclaimer: Since a lot of mod creator’s didn’t appreciate that their work got praised in an All-In-One-Modpack that can easily be installed by every player without failure and having my modpack deleted by them, I decided to rebuild every mod from scratch instead of merging existing ones together so that I can offer a new and easily deployable modpack. That’s why I spent the last couple of days building all the stuff from scratch. I will upload them one by one and once I finished them all, I will put them all together in a glorious All-In-One-Modpack that’s easy to install! None of the stuff my mod features is copy-pasted or stolen. If you think so, you better prove to me before reporting my mod again. Besides all that, I still want to thank the original mod creators for inspiring my work. Thank you and no offense taken! Stay tuned for the upcoming All-In-One-Modpack!

Siraij’s Better Tire Pressure Mod
This mod delivers more realism and immersion to the game by tweaking the air pressure values on tires to make them look more like in real life. It’s similar to the mod “Realistic tire pressures” created by MudSeries, but this one makes a lot of things better compared to it.

Note: The effects are more noticeable in game than in the screenshots!

What’s Different to the vanilla game experience and the realistic tire pressure mod by MudSeries?

#1 Different Tire Pressure for Trucks and Scouts and their respective trailers!

Just like in real life, the air pressure in tires of your scouts is now different from the ones in your trucks. It’s not the same pressure for all vehicles like in other mods!

#2 Different Tire Pressure for each kind of tires (highway, all-terrain, offroad)!

Depending on the purpose of a tire it now has different air pressure values (looking different in game). Just like in real life where all-terrain tires usually have more pressure than offroad or mud tires, whereas highway tires are usually somewhere in between. It’s not the same pressure for all kind of tires like in other mods!

#3 Only one file is affected!

No more need to install dozens of files in the wheels folder (i.e. 33 files with the mod by MudSeries) and the need to merge them with other mods that affected the same files!

#4 Affects new mods you install or mods that you already have installed!

While MudSeries’ mod only affected the edited 33 files in the wheels folder, this mod affects all wheels at once which means it is also enabled on additional truck mods and other stuff you add to your game. You don’t need to merge or edit these files anymore!

How to install the mod?
Close your game and be sure to backup your original “initial.pak” file!

1) Download and unzip the file.

2) Go to your game directory (i.e. Epic LibrarySnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient) and open “initial.pak” with WinRAR (it’s free).

3) Go to the right place by doubleclicking on the “[media]” folder and then again on the “_templates” folder that are shown within WinRAR.

4) Drag & Drop the file “trucks.xml” you downloaded into WinRAR and confirm the action with “OK” in the upcoming window without changing any values. It will overwrite the original file.

5) Close WinRAR. Done.

Start your game and enjoy!

(Important note: You need to use the latest/ current version of WinRAR for it to work! Otherwise your game will crash!)

Tested in countless hours of play. Works like a charm and also works in Co-Op/ Multiplayer. If your friend want’s to see/ experience the same stuff, then he also needs to install the mod!

Credits: Siraij
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