Sandvik TH545i v1.0.0

Sandvik TH545i v1.0.0

The Sandvik TH545i is an articulated 45 tons underground mining dump truck.

First mod and first experience with 3d applications, and game integration. Please be indulgent.

I’m no developer, no 3D artist, no modder of any kind (the only application I use on a daily basis is Excel).

I just decided to have some fun integrating a model I found very interesting into this game I love and spend so much time playing.

The 3d model is paid, and has been purchased on Turbosquid from highly talented artist iljujjkin. Link to the model down below.

My job has consisted in rigging the model, converting meshes, textures, writing xml files… But most of all getting to understand this world I know nothing about.

Plus, I’d like to get some help from other far more talented modders on the plateform about the following elements :

Mirrors : Whatever I do, mirror reflection is flipped on both OX and OZ axes. Normals of the mesh are pointing towards the back of the truck and it has scale 1 and rotation 0. Unparenting it from BoneMirror_cdt and removing Skin Modifier and Vertex Groups has no effect. In the Class file of the truck ClipDir and ReflectionDir are set to (-1; 0; 0) which is supposed to make the mirror camera look backwards. See screenshots attached.
Note that the version of the truck here presented does not have mirrors, for in their current state they do ruin the cabin view experience. I can add a second version with problematic mirrors if some want to have an in depth look into it.

Truck sounds : for now all the sounds of the truck are set to those of the Cat 770G brought to the game with the Yukon maps of Phase II. The reason being I have no clue of where to find interesting truck sounds that I could use instead (apart from going on a construction site with a mic and recording myself). If some of you have ideas, i’d be pleased to hear them.

Whilst some work still has to be done, I’m quite proud of the progress so far and I wish I could have some feedback from the community to try make things even better.

Detailed features :
Sandvik TH545i articulated truck
Optional tipper fully functional with 2 cargo slots
Be careful though, not to add cargo while the tipper is raised, for it would appear in an unwanted position (as far as I know there is currently no way to fix this).
Original tires and rims
Switchable AWD, permanent diff lock
Low profil chassis, designed to sneak into narrow mining tunnels
As a consequence, suspensions are lowered and very (very) rigid
Working lights, front and side venting fans, shafts, steering wheel.
Collision boxes are intended to be as realistic as possible. Meaning that every mesh of the chassis collides with its environment.
As a consequence, the truck in not OP at all, and gets stuck very easily in deep mud or snow.

Credits: ziglianiclem
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