K2500HD Conversion 1.2.6

K2500HD Conversion 1.2.6

This mod adds a standard K1500 with the following upgrades:

1. 3 Duramax Engine Options; LMM(365hp,660ft-lb), LML(397hp,765ft-lb), and LP5(445hp,910ft-lb).

2. 3 Genuine Transmission Options; 1 10-speed and 2 6-speeds.

3. Fully locked differentials.

4. Super Heavy Mud-tires and Chain-tires in 3 sizes, 35″ – 38″ – 44″.

5. 4 Tuned Lift kits, including 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and a Special Towing Lift Kit.

6. The Low and High Saddle is available to install and the Tow Hook is enabled.

The Weight of the truck has also been increased, the sounds have been changed and a few other minor enhancements have been included.

Easily one of the best scouts as a result of the upgrades, so the pricing in game reflects its capability.

This mod is integrated into the Vanilla Progression system using Ranking on certain items and pricing, Have fun Snowrunners!

– Change Log – (This mod will have constant updates until the final release because I’m (neurotic) balancing the truck stats by using it in a vanilla play-through)

1.0.0 – Initial Release

1.0.1 – added paint options

1.0.2 – fixed error in code

1.0.3 – changed 43″ tires to 44″ tires

1.0.4 – added mass to truck, tuned suspension further, reduced power of L5P for balance

1.0.5 – fixed a small error in 1.0.4

1.1 – added 1 new engine and 1 new transmission; lowered prices, lowered engine power, better gear ratios, more challenging fuel rates, and better suspension; added (small) rank requirements for larger tires and lifts.

1.1.1 – quickfix to adjust some UI descriptions, and readjust fuel rates, once again.

1.1.2 – quickfix to gearboxes.xml for an error

1.1.3 – added Towing suspension lift, and Low and High Saddle, and Tow Hook Towing.

1.1.4 – adjusted 4WD fuel multiplier and fuel consumption for each engine.

1.1.5 – minor adjustments to 4WD fuel multiplier and fuel consumption for each engine again, added complete ranking progression.

1.1.6 – minor adjustments to the 6L80 transmission(reduced gearing for 2 gears; 5 & 6) to help with towing and general efficiency.

1.1.7 – removed high gear from 6L80, added Low+, increased fuel tank size to match IRL 32 gallon tank.

1.1.8 – increased ranking/progression difficulty.

1.2 – Final Release – adjustments to tire stats, same general performance, but a little more realistic, added more mass to the truck. This is the final release unless I notice something that needs fixing.

1.2.1 – I forgot to add UI descriptions for transmissions, so I did that with this update, that is all.

1.2.2 – I fixed a small mistake in truck.xml (oof)

1.2.3 – adjustments to the stock suspension and 35″ tires. everything else is still the same.

Like my other conversion mod, this is tested to only work in SP. Manual install will only cause errors. Sorry.

Please report any bugs/errors. No Requests.

ATTENTION: if you do not like this mod or some aspect of it, leave constructive feedback or move on. All useless comments will be deleted.

Credits: eclipse538
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  1. DF says:

    Hi, how do I install this mod?

  2. phristov says:

    Hi, I have tried with this and the previous version but it gives me a “invalid truck” in the garage.. Any solutions?

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