Fuel capacities based on real data 1.7

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Fuel capacities based on real data 1.7

Update to 1.5 to make it compatible with Version 5.1 of SnowRunner!
If there’s a game update that changes any truck file, I’ll update the mod.

Fast facts:
manual installation only – see easy tutorial below
small size, only necessary data touched and uploaded
fuel capacity changed to real values for every vanilla truck
fuel consumption slightly lowered for several engine types
supports multiplayer if every player has the mod installed

If you like the mod, please subscribe – thumbs up – unsubscribe =) Or stay subscribed to get update notifications!

Thanks a lot for your support! If you find a mistake please let me know, and I’ll take care of that!

This mod may not be for everybody!
It will change the experience of the game! Some vehicles in SnowRunner have way too little fuel capacity. However, I do understand the general sense of challenge and balance of why fuel was integrated into this game as it is right now. As a single-player and a fan of realism, I couldn’t stand some of the trucks and how they were just not usable, at all without the need for refueling every 10 to 15 minutes. I started changing some trucks I didn’t like, and then I searched for real-life data and changed them all! Also I changed some of the fuel consumptions, which felt way too high. This should not feel like cheat vehicles, but it definitely changes the balance of the game. If you like realistic values, at least on the fuel side, this mod is for you!

If you see anything wrong, please let me know!
This mod works in multiplayer if all players have it installed.

In the following, I’ll provide a little installation and backup guide:
Make sure, you have WinRAR installed! Installing with subscribing won’t work, as with most mods around here.

Manual installation:

Download the file
Navigate to the path you have SnowRunner installed to
Follow the folders: SnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient
Create a folder called ‘Backup’ to save your original file.
Copy the file ‘initial.pak’ into that Backup folder. Now you are ready to install the mod!
Open the original file ‘initial.pak’ with WinRAR.
Open the mod-file ‘Fuel_capacities_based_on_real_data.zip’ with WinRAR, as well.
Now drag and drop the [media]-folder from the mod-zip-file into ‘initial.pak’.
The files in ‘initial.pak’ will be overwritten.
Close everything and you can start playing.
If you don’t like it and want to revert: Navigate back to your installation folder and delete the edited ‘initial.pak’. Then copy the original file from your ‘Backup’-folder, and everything is vanilla again.

The following is a list of what I changed. I had trouble finding RL-data for the Kolob 74941, Pacific P16, and Royal BM17. If you know the correct values, please let me know!

vehicle vanilla fuel capacity real-life fuel capacity misc
ank_mk38 200 390
azov_4220_antarctic 340 350
azov_5319 200 700
azov_64131 350 500
azov_73210 350 300
cat_745c 530 550
cat_ct680 280 450
chevrolet_ck1500 80 95
chevrolet_kodiakc70 200 190
dan_96320 350 800
derry_longhorn_3194 370 757
derry_longhorn_4520 400 947
don_71 42 42
ford_clt9000 280 1135
freightliner_114sd 300 227
freightliner_m916a1.xml 200 378
gmc_9500 240 756
hummer_h2 80 121
international_fleetstar_f2070a 240 354
international_loadstar_1700 130 378
international_paystar_5070 240 189
international_scout_800 72 79
international_transtar_4070a 265 378
khan_39_marshall 72 78
khan_lo4f 80 77
kolob_74760 380 1590
kolob_74941 340 1590 Value will be changed in the next version to 1210 – thanks to @m-payne and @modebcn
navistar_5000mv 340 530
pacific_p12w 350 757
pacific_p16 300 800 no real life data found, using a slightly higher value than for the pacific_p12w
royal_bm17 280 750 no real life data found, using capacity that fits the tanks
step_310e 220 650
tayga_6436 330 500
tuz_166 60 75
tuz_420_tatarin 300 300 I had actual per-minute-data for it. Ingame it used around three times more than in reality
voron_ae4380 250 300
voron_d53233 270 360
voron_grad 330 450
ws_4964_white 300 568
ws_6900xd_twin 360 906
yar_87 110 100
zikz_5368 190 200

Credits: elevenfourteen.zockt
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